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              COMPANY CULTURE

              ABOUT US

              Xiamen SAN-U Optronics Co., Ltd.

              After 15 years of development, Xiamen SAN-U Optronics Co., Ltd. has become a high-tech enterprise specialize in professional R&D and production of high-speed semiconductor lasers / detectors, optical components and optical modules. Products widely used in cloud computing, mobile communications, FTTH, optic sensing and other fields. MORE

              PRODUCT CENTER

              • 10G PIN-TIA TO-CAN

              • 2.5G PIN-TIA TO-CAN

              • PD300 TO-CAN

              • PD80 TO-CAN

              • Mini PD TO-CAN

              • 40G Optical Engine ODM

              • 25G 1310nm TOSA

              • 10G 850nm TOSA

              NEWS CENTER

              OUR CUSTOMERS